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Comprehensive Primary Care Services (Internal and Family Practice) in Delaware County and West Philadelphia

Enjoying life has a lot to do with feeling healthy. Having a doctor focused on your overall wellbeing can make a big difference. Our Primary Care Physicians and Healthcare Providers offer preventative services when you are under the weather, and services to prevent illness. Rely on our expert team of Internal Medicine and Family Practice Doctors to watch over you in sickness and in health – from top to bottom, inside and out. We serve as your partner to achieving a healthy quality of life. 

  • Allergy shots, a cost-effective form of Immunotherapy, are administered to patients on a consistent basis, to help reduce allergy symptoms and attacks. The injections are comprised of allergens (a trigger substance that causes allergy symptoms) that are increased gradually over time so that patients are able to build a tolerance. Allergy shots are provided at: BroomallHavertown TLRHavertown WCP, and Springfield.
  • Chronic Care Management services are available to Medicare patients who have two or more chronic conditions. Working as your Patient Advocate; we help you to manage symptoms and improve your quality of life. Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals will coordinate your patient care plan and ensure that you have an understanding of the choices available and how to best proceed. Chronic Care Management services are provided at: Broomall, Havertown TLRHavertown WCP, Ridley Park,  Springfield, and Upper Darby.
  • Diabetes education is crucial in helping patients understand how to control their diabetes and how to live a normal life with the disease. Our team educates patients on the importance of a healthy diet and physical activities, in addition to monitoring medications. Diabetes education is provided at: Broomall, and Ridley Park.
  • Dietary and Nutritional Counseling educates patients on how eating a proper diet can help protect from certain diseases, or help lessen the symptoms of those diseases. Patients are counseled on diets that may enhance weight loss; help to lower their cholesterol or other restricted diets. Dietary and Nutritional Counseling is provided at: Broomall, and Ridley Park
  • An Electrocardiogram, commonly referred to as an EKG or ECG is a non-invasive test that enables us to search for underlying heart conditions and abnormalities such as an irregular heart rate, evidence of a prior heart attack and more. Electrocardiograms are performed at: Havertown WCP and Ridley Park.
  • Hearing tests are performed not only to determine whether you have hearing loss, they are also used to determine the severity of the loss. The tests are easy and painless. Patients leave their appointments with their test results and a treatment plan. Hearing tests are provided at: Ridley Park.
  • Holter Monitors are portable battery powered devices, worn by patients for 24-48hrs to measure their heart’s activity while they go about their daily lives. Holter Monitor testing is available at: Havertown WCP, and Ridley Park.
  • Immunizations are necessary for both children and adults; they help to eliminate or greatly reduce many diseases. Children who aren’t vaccinated are at risk of catching diseases and may also spread those diseases to others. Immunizations for adults (including the elderly), are recommended based on age, previous vaccines, lifestyle, etc. Vaccinations are designed to protect our children, ourselves and future generations. Immunizations are provided at: Broomall, Havertown TLR,  Havertown WCP, Ridley Park, Springfield, and Upper Darby.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries are best evaluated as soon as possible after the accident. Some injuries may be very obvious while others may be more of a nagging pain or symptom that requires assessment. Either situation will require a treatment and follow-up care plan. Patients with injuries sustained from a Motor Vehicle Accident may be seen at: Broomall, Havertown TLR, Ridley Park, and Springfield
  • Phlebotomy Services or On-Site Blood Drawing eliminates the need to schedule an additional appointment to have your blood drawn. We offer patients the convenience of on-site blood draws at the time of an office visit. Phlebotomy Services are provided at: Drexel HillHavertown TLR, Havertown WCP, Ridley Park, and Springfield.  
  • Routine Physicals are recommended for all ages; they are a preventative measure to ensure good health. Typically we update your health history, check your height, weight and blood pressure, in addition to checking your eyes, ears, nose throat and listening to your lungs. We also examine patients for abnormalities by touching parts of the body, testing reflexes and motor skills. Immunization records are reviewed to ensure that patients are up-to-date with vaccines. Blood work and screening tests are ordered for individuals based on age and gender (male/female). Routine Physicals are performed at: Broomall, Havertown TLR, Havertown WCP, Ridley Park, Springfield, and Upper Darby.
  • Spirometry, a brief non-invasive breathing test measures how much and how quickly air is expelled from a patients lungs. Spirometry testing is performed at: Havertown WCPRidley Park, and Upper Darby
  • Workers Compensation Injuries and follow-up care can be complicated. However, our Physicians and Healthcare Providers are skilled at treating patients who are seeking quality care that returns them to health, their life and work as quickly as possible. Employers may rest assured their employees will return to work with the best long-term health outcomes possible. Patients with injuries sustained from a work related accident may be seen at: Havertown TLR, and Springfield.